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Migrant work often follows the seasonal calendar but not the academic calendar. Leaving school early or arriving late can make it difficult for students to maintain the same academic progression as their peers. The Florida PASS program understands that students may need an opportunity to recover lost credits. The program offers free year round classes in all the major core areas. Students do not need access to a computer to complete a course, but the program does offer online tutorials and online testing. Students can work at their own pace with assistance from course facilitators and some courses are available in Spanish. Enrolling in PASS is easy and convenient. With the help of the Florida PASS program, migrant students can graduate on time and receive their diploma alongside their graduating class.

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Online Testing

Students can elect to take their tests online in the school environment. They can be transmitted and graded quickly. Even with online testing, students may still have as much time as they need to complete tests.

Requires teacher supervision.

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Online Courses

The Florida PASS Program continues to develop online, interactive courses using Canvas LMS. These courses provide the same content as the printed ones, but are available for students on their phones, tablets, etc.

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Video Lessons

Students have access to online tutorials right now for many PASS courses. Students and teachers can log in to launch our video tutorial app. This provides easy access to all our tutorials.

Also available on our youtube channel.

High School Courses

Additional courses available. See course catalog.
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