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Migrant work often follows the seasonal calendar but not the academic calendar. Leaving school early or arriving late can make it difficult for students to maintain the same academic progression as their peers. The Florida PASS program understands that students may need an opportunity to recover lost credits. The program offers free year round classes in all the major core areas. Students do not need access to a computer to complete a course, but the program does offer online tutorials and online testing. Students can work at their own pace with assistance from course facilitators and some courses are available in Spanish. Enrolling in PASS is easy and convenient. With the help of the Florida PASS program, migrant students can graduate on time and receive their diploma alongside their graduating class.

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Program Description

The Florida Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) Program is a nationally recognized program that provides middle and secondary migrant students with the opportunity to develop academic skills, and earn credits needed for promotion and/or graduation.The student works semi-independently with the assistance of a highly qualified facilitating teacher who meets with the student on a regular basis. The curricula consist of learner-centered materials developed specifically for PASS. The Florida PASS Program is funded by the Florida Department of Education.

Online Textbooks

The Florida PASS Program continues to develop online, interactive textbooks. These textbooks provide the same content as the printed ones, but are available for students on their phones, tablets, etc. Students can easily go back and forth between the online and printed textbooks as circumstance and desire drive them. Online pretests are incorporated into the textbooks. Online video tutorials, if available, are embedded in the lessons. Many lessons have additional audio and video enhancements. All online textbooks can be accessed from the floridapass.org website. Teachers can access a list of currently available online textbooks to preview. Teachers and students can rate and comment on the online textbooks, providing valuable feedback to help drive improvements.

Online Textbook
Online Testing

Online Testing

Students can elect to take their tests online in the school environment. They can be transmitted and graded quickly. Even with online testing, students may still have as much time as they need to complete tests and if they run out of time before they are ready to submit their answers, they can save a draft and return to finish it later. They can also still have access to scratch paper, calculators and any IEP or ELL accommodations that they would normally have during testing. Also, a student can choose to mix and match. If they would like to do some of the unit tests on paper and some online, they can do so. Setting up online testing for a student is also easy and instructions can be found in the Florida PASS program “Online Guide”.

Online Tutorials

Students have access to online tutorials right now for many PASS courses. Students and teachers can log in to launch our video tutorial app. This provides easy access to all our tutorials. You can locate tutorials for a specifice course, unit, and lesson or search for one by keyword. Students should be able to make faster progress through a course as instruction is just a few clicks away. Students and teachers can rate these videos and give feedback to the Florida PASS office about what works and what needs improvement. Florida PASS hopes these tutorials will help more students complete courses and improve their grades overall. These tutorials are embedded in our new online textbooks, and can also be found on our YouTube channel. Instructions for accessing video tutorials can be found in the Florida PASS program “Online Guide”.

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Middle School

As PASS became more widely utilized, educators saw that the concept would also help middle school students. An extension of PASS for students in grades 6, 7, and 8, the Middle School PASS Program has a selection of Language Arts, Math, and U.S. History core courses. The courses may be completed semi-independently with the assistance of a facilitating teacher or through a traditional classroom model. Like PASS courses, these consist of five units, and each course is equivalent to one semester of study.

High School Courses

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